Two Country Cooks

PaulallyFBPaul and Ally are the “Two Country Cooks …. foodie farmers living on rolling acres of pristine farmland in the Southern Highlands of NSW…..surrounded by an abundance of fresh organic produce they love nothing better than creating delicious recipes from their own home grown produce of wine, chicken, eggs, lamb, honey, vegetables and citrus. Their food is seasonal, fresh and they are passionate about sharing the premium producers in the highlands……

At the heart of the Two Country Cooks is a love of sharing recipes and showcasing the local producers of the Highlands. We are delighted to be joining the Home and Garden Show this October to hold daily cooking demonstrations. This year we will feature a new Meet the Local Producer presentation where we will turn their premium ingredients into delectable treats, this will be followed by a cooking demonstration featuring an exclusively prepared recipe for the Home and Garden Show visitors.
At our stall we will also be selling our signature Two Country Cooks Farmyard Pate along with our rustic French inspired terrine.  It’s a fun, lively and informative day set in the grounds of ‘Bong Bong’ racecourse and we can’t wait to be apart of it.

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