Presenters for 2016

Throughout the weekend at the Home & Garden Show we have a wide range of presenters across four stages. Check out who was with us last year! Updates will be posted early 2017.

Dr Katrina Warren and The Wonderdogs – On Saturday 10th September, visitors can look forward to meeting the fabulous Dr Katrina Warren. She will be joined by the Wonderdogs who will be demonstrating their amazing tricks and agility throughout Saturday. This will lead into the “Best at the Show” dog show with categories such as “Best Dressed”, “Best Trick” and more. To find out more about Dr Katrina click here or visit or find out more about The Wonderdogs click here or visit

Andrew Loader – Sydney interior designer who has built a strong reputation and has completed projects across Sydney, Brisbane, as well as projects internationally in Thailand, France and New Zealand. Andrew will be conducting workshops throughout the two days. Find out more about Andrew here or visit his website

Matthew Carroll – (aka Hortiman®) has worked in many aspects of horticulture for over 15 years. Armed with experience in garden writing, radio production, garden travel and a vision for sharing horticulture knowledge digitally. Learn more about Matthew here or visit

Wayd Munro – an experienced builder with a passion of the industry, and the constantly emerging technologies that go with it. With more than 20 years of work in both the residential and commercial space behind him, he has a reputation for delivery exceptional quality projects on time and within budget. Find out more about Wayd – click here or visit

Andrew Benn – accomplished and highly regarded architect with many years experience in public, commercial and residential architecture. Andrew worked on the award winning Villa NM that was recognised as one of the most remarkable homes in the world. Read more about Andrew, click here or visit

John Siemon – Curator Manager of the Australian Botanic Garden  and Horticultural Scientist, John has worked predominantly in plant physiology, plant breeding, tissue culture and germplasm conservation.  John’s most significant achievement has been project managing the Australian PlantBank including securing $19.8 million dollars in fundraising, architectural design and construction of this national repository for native plant seeds. Find out more about John and his presentation – click here.

Two Country Cooks will be conducting cooking demonstrations throughout the two days. Learn some great techniques and taste some amazing flavours … all while finding out about some fantastic local producers. Find out more about the Two Country Cooks here.

Peter Burrows –  has over 15 years experience of restoring vintage furniture into beautiful rustic french & industrial inspired furniture. He has restored, painted and supplied all furniture and home decor internally and externally for both St Eloi guest house and their private home. Peter will be conducting furniture painting and restoration demonstrations. Click here to find out more about Peter.